Thursday, July 10, 2008

Livin' on a Natural High

Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen,

First off, I'd like to thank all the ladies who have helped me out with getting to know menstruation yesterday...and those of you who just haven't gotten around to it (hint hint). Some great advice just showing that you care, being there for them...but at a distance, make 'em laugh, don't piss 'em off, and showers are always nice. Any other suggestions on how to help? Please let me know. Together, I think we can make the world a better place on a monthly basis.

Last night after work, I drove home some sweet, older lady coworkers home, Valencia & Tangerine. They don't have a car...and I was heading out anyway. It was a few miles out of my way...but they're great gals...and they wanted me to tell them how Vegas was going (because they're older ladies & don't read my blog). I've done this a few times before...but I've never asked for gas money or anything...and I probably never will. It's kind of sad that owning the car, what used to be the staple of being an American, is becoming so hard to do. More so than hot dogs, baseball, credit cards, pornography, and crack cocaine...having your own car was pure Americana. Now, things have changed a bit. I have a beautifully restored muscle car that I can't afford to drive she sits & gathers dust...and I have a very good paying job. Most people have to work within walking distance of where they live...and barely get by. It's for reasons like this that I have absolutely no reservations about driving people around. It's kind of like spreading the wealth...and besides, it's a lot of fun. Gosh, I'm going to my brother's today to see him before his birthday (since I'll be out of town) and it's going to cost me as much to do that as it used to cost me to drive down to Vegas when I started driving...ten years ago. I don't know. I guess I'd better get used to it. Gas prices aren't going to change for the better. We're just to the point where everybody else in the world used to be. It's just a little sad...but maybe for the better so that we don't pollute as much. You win this round, Mother Nature!!! Anyway, here's some news about nature...

New Natural Wonders Named - Eight new natural wonders have been added to the World Heritage List. World Heritage Sites are named by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The sites, both cultural and natural, added to the list are deemed "of outstanding value to humanity" and deserve protection and preservation. With the new additions, the World Heritage List now boasts 878 sites (679 cultural, 174 natural and 25 mixed) in 145 countries. The eight new natural sites added this year include:

Haven't been to any of these places...but now they're on the list. I may have to check the list of 878 to see how many that I've been to...but probably not too many. A few dozen maybe? If I get REALLY bored one day, I'll let you know...and show you any pictures that I might have. The Butterfly Reserve sounds like the secret headquarters of the Monarch from Venture Brothers. Who knew that he lived in Mexico?

Eat in Moderation, Live Longer - Everybody's searching for the Fountain of Youth so that we can enjoy these wonderful lives as long as possible...and new research finds a fairly simple way to add a few years to your life. Eat in Moderation. Specifically calorie restriction by about 25%. "There is plenty of evidence that calorie restriction can reduce your risks for many common diseases including cancer, diabetes and heart disease," says Saint Louis University researcher Edward Weiss, who last week announced a new study that brings fresh understanding to how it works. "And you may live to be substantially older." By which they mean, according to the research, eat 15 percent less starting at age 25 and you might add 4.5 years to your life, coupled with some drugs being designed based on these studies, you may be able to increase your life by 10 to 15 years in the very near future this way. The link has some more details...but I'm not going to bore you with numbers on this anymore. It could be true. The evidence says so. Here's a way that might help...

All Natural, No-Calorie Sweetener - Agribusiness giant Cargill Inc is starting to roll out Truvia, which is made from certain compounds in the leaves of Stevia (I swear, I did NOT make this up, read the article), a shrub native to Paraguay, and will provide a natural alternative to artificial sweeteners including Sweet 'N Low, Equal and Splenda. Truvia is going on sale first at a handful of D'Agostino supermarkets in Manhattan, and will eventually be sold at grocery stores and big box retailers near you. Starting in packets of forty then eventually into beverages & food by next year, it may be the next big thing in sweets. The sweetness of $tevia will soon spread across the globe. However, Stevia is approved as a food additive in a dozen countries including Japan, Brazil and China, but not in the European Union or the United States. Yet it is sold in the U.S. as a dietary supplement, since supplements are not subject to the same regulations. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration classifies Stevia as an "unsafe food additive," saying on its website that "available toxicological information on Stevia is inadequate." Why? Based on previous tests, Stevia is dangerous, yet sweet, and ends up going straight to your thighs. A few lucky researchers out there would be glad to give you testimony (emphasis on few). Anyway, keep an eye out on this stuff. You know I will...since it's basically named after me.

Well, that'll do it for me today. Gonna head over to my brother's in a little bit to see him for his birthday...and help him with the greatest present ever, courtesy of my sister-in-law & I...but more on that later. Tonight's Slow Ride at the Huka Lounge (61st South & State) if you're interested...but get there early. Tomorrow's the $teve's Stayin' Here Rock Band Party at my place. Saturday's work. Sunday starts the two week road trip adventure (on Uncle Sam's dime) with my some exotic locations (like the 4th largest city in North Dakota). Have a great day everybody!!!


JLee said...

I've been using Stevia off and on for years, but this "straight to the thighs" thing scares me!

$teve said...

There's no need to be afraid. It can be quite pleasurable. :)

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